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What is Microblading?

Although they don't get much time and attention, eyebrows are an important facial feature that can either help or hurt your appearance. Two strong and well-groomed eyebrows will enhance and define your eyes and face. If you have sparse or thin eyebrows due to overplucking, genetics, aging, or another cause, microblading at Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic treatment that can give you full, natural eyebrows. This newer technique is performed with a special semi-permanent ink and a skilled technician who can enhance or rebuild your eyebrows. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Steckler offers microblading to Jackson, Madison, and surrounding Mississippi men and women who would like defined, natural-looking eyebrows. Schedule a consultation at our Ridgeland, MS office to find out more about the microblading process and to get your custom treatment plan.

How Does Microblading Work?

Prior to your microblading session, you will have a consultation to develop your customized treatment plan. Your treatment can be completed in our office with a numbing cream or local anesthesia to limit any discomfort. Based on your treatment plan, the microblading process can last from 1 – 3 hours. To start, your eyebrows will be combed and expertly trimmed. Your eyebrows will then be shaded with a makeup pen, which will act as an indicator for where the microblading will be performed. We utilize professional-quality inks along with a skilled technician to give you natural-looking strokes that match individual hairs for great results. Right after your microblading procedure, you are able to leave our office and perform all your normal activities. You may have some redness in and around the eyebrows but this typically goes away in 1 – 2 hours. Your brows may appear darker immediately after the microblading process, but they will lighten to your goal shade in about two weeks. Dr. Steckler recommends that you make a second appointment about one month after your initial treatment to finalize and touch up your results. The results of microblading usually last about 1 – 2 years.

Well-Defined Eyebrows

You don't have to use makeup pencils and eyebrow gels to draw in your brows anymore when you undergo microblading at Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Steckler offers beautiful, long-lasting results with this semi-permanent technique to shape and define your eyebrows. With personalized microblading treatments, you can have shapely brows that complement your whole face. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our Ridgeland, MS office today.

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