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What is miraDry?

Sweating under the arms while you’re exercising or nervous is totally normal, but excessive perspiration that discolors your clothing and causes a foul odor could be a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery offers assistance with excessive underarm perspiration using the miraDry system. miraDry by Miramar Labs targets and destroys sweat and odor glands from the underarms. Because you have roughly two million sweat glands within your body and around only 2% in the armpits, your body can manage without these glands. You'll likely enjoy an active life even more without worrying about wet marks, stickiness, deodorant streaks, and powerful smells. miraDry is a fast, noninvasive procedure by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Steckler. For more information on how you can rid underarm sweat from your life, contact our Ridgeland, MS office today.

What Can I Expect from miraDry?

To initiate your excessive underarm sweating treatment, the treatment area is marked, cleaned, then numbed using a topical anesthetic. Next, the miraDry device will be passed across your skin, using mild suction to pull the sweat glands closer to the surface of the skin. The miraWave heated energy works on the sweat and odor glands while the surface of your skin is kept cool by the device. Most treatments take about an hour, after which your underarms might have minor soreness, numbness, tingling, or swelling for a couple of days. You will, however, likely have an instant reduction in underarm sweat. Sweat glands don't grow back once they are eliminated, which means that your results will be long-lasting. You may return to normal activities immediately following your procedure, but it's best to avoid heavy activity, such as exercise, for a few days. To get the best results possible, two sessions performed approximately 2 – 3 months apart are highly recommended.

Sweat Less with miraDry Sweat Treatment

Stop worrying about underarm perspiration and odor with quick, simple miraDry treatments at Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery. Save your laundry from perspiration discoloration and deodorant streaks and save your skin from the toxins and chemicals found in most antiperspirants. No matter how hard you exercise or how nervous you are, you'll still look calm, clean, and put together. Contact our Ridgeland, MS practice today for more information or to schedule an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Steckler.

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