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What is Arm Lift Surgery?

A frustrating side effect when losing weight or getting older is dealing with excess skin. At Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer upper arm lift surgery (also known as brachioplasty) as a way to tone and tighten the arm. Lax skin from the elbow to the shoulder is very typical, particularly for people who have lost weight or are advancing in age. Arm lift surgery excises this excess skin, commonly called "bat wings." Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Steckler is very experienced in fat removal and skin tightening procedures. If you want to learn more information about how an arm lift can change the appearance of your upper arms, please schedule an appointment at our Ridgeland, MS office today.

What Can I Expect from An Arm Lift?

Most likely, your arm lift surgery will be performed in an outpatient setting, unless several cosmetic surgeries are being performed at one time. An upper arm lift is usually done under general anesthesia and may require a few hours to finish. The sagging skin will be surgically excised starting at the elbow and continuing to the armpit. While the incision is made to be as hidden as possible, it will become a visible scar. If liposuction is required to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, this can be performed as well. Once the skin is tightened, it will be sutured together. You will need to keep the incisions clean, bandaged, and wrapped with compression garments. Your recovery period will likely last about two weeks with lots of elevating the arm. We encourage you to slowly ease your way back into your daily activities. An appointment to remove sutures will be set about ten days after surgery. For at least 4 – 5 weeks, all exercise and strenuous activity should be eliminated, with the exception of short walks. After about six weeks, you'll begin to see your results.

Tighten and Tone Your Arms

If you're sick of limiting your clothing choices to long sleeves or shirts that cover your upper arms, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steckler provides arm lifts at Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery as a way to improve your confidence. Whether due to aging or weight loss, sagging skin on the arms can make you feel self-conscious and this outpatient procedure can make a huge difference. If you are at or near a healthy, stable weight but still cannot eliminate the skin and flab that hang from your arms, please contact us and schedule a consultation at our Ridgeland, MS office.

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