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Praise for Dr. Steckler and the MS Center for Plastic Surgery

Our clients are like family members – we are invested in your goals and your health. When you choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Steckler, you know you are working with a surgeon of high caliber and education. However, you should also make sure they are well-reviewed. We are sharing just a portion of our five star testimonials below.

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“Plastic surgery sounds overwhelming. I never thought I would go through with it until I met Dr. Steckler, who treated me with kindness and patience as I asked many questions. I truly valued his advice and professionalism from the initial visit all the way to the post op visit. I placed all my trust in him and am so pleased with the results!”
Beverly, 37

“[Dr. Steckler] made what could have been a terrifying experience for my son into a calm procedure. Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Steckler and his staff.”
Eric Z.

“Dr Steckler is the best! Working with him for several years I’ve seen first hand – results! From injectables to surgery-A+. The office and staff are first class. I highly recommend the medi-spa. Ryan rocks! It’s never to late or early for that matter for skin care!”
Cathy G.

“This was my first plastic surgery experience and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to go! Dr. Steckler and his staff made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I am so happy with my results and highly recommend him!!!”
Cindy M.

“I’m so happy that this was the place to take care of my needs. It was a blessing to have them they are so nice and and just super at what they do.”
Loni R.

“I have never felt more comfortable and at ease with a physician. Dr. Steckler and his staff felt like good friends”
Deanna, 43

        Admittedly I have not had any procedures done by Dr. Steckler but I have several years of OR          experience. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Steckler in the OR and have been                  more than impressed. He treats his patients with kindness and compassion and goes well                above his obligations of medical doctor. I am now in a clinic setting and had a recent                        encounter with a patient that presented for a yearly examination. She was a recent patient of            Dr. Steckler. The work he performed was amazing. She looked completely natural. Would                  highly recommend him to anyone in the future!


“This process is AMAZING. I am fair skinned with some sun damage. At 53 years old, the lines (wrinkles) were beginning noticeable. After my first session of Lummeca and Fractora, the results have been awesome. Daily, people comment on my beautiful skin! I had my second session today and cannot wait to see the results! This time they did Fractora on my neck and chest. I can’t say enough about the results, the staff and most of all Dr. Steckler! What a great place.”


“Words can’t describe how much Dr. Steckler and his staff meant to me during my melanoma cancer and forehead flap surgery reconstruction process. Read my testimony and journey if you wish. God Bless these wonderful people, they were truly a Godsend!”
Laura Lee Mullins May


Finally something that helped!

“I have had problems with excessive sweating ever since I can remember. In high school I was known as “Pitts.” I would ONLY wear black so that you couldn’t see the sweat stains. When I wore tight shirts or bright colors, a perfect circle of sweat surrounded my under arms. I have been on prescriptions and “clinical strength” deodorant – they were NOT successful! To be honest, I was pretty skeptical of the Mira Dry procedure and the cost. After extensive research I decided I would give it a shot since I have tried everything else. The cost seemed a bit pricey. I thought about all the money I had spent on clothes, doctor’s visits, and the prescriptions, I could not say NO! The procedure was noninvasive and only took about an hour. It has been nearly a month since I have had the procedure and I am 100% percent satisfied. I haven’t had any “outbreaks” and I can FINALLY wear a gray shirt without fear. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with this problem. I can honestly say it’s only been a short time, but it’s already life-changing. THANK YOU DR. STECKLER!”

32 Years Old – Been Dealing with Hyperhidrosis Since I was a Pre-teen

“It’s been 3 months since my miraDry procedure…AND it was TOTALLY worth every penny to me. 99.9% of the time I do not sweat at all under my arms. I have to be pretty hot and doing something pretty strenuous to even have a little sweat. It took almost 2 months to get all the feeling back in my armpits. The hair is a lot finer than it was before which is another plus. At this point I do not think I will need a second treatment but I guess I will know in a few more months. Bottom line…I would absolutely recommend doing this if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. I dealt with it for years and years…so glad I did this! Thank you to Dr. Steckler in Ridgeland, MS!!!! :)”

“I went to Dr. Steckler for the miraDry procedure in the Spring of 2013. I have to admit I was a little nervous and was curious to see if it would work. I have never been so relieved to finally have a product that worked…. Especially considering the hot summers that we endure in the South. It has now been over 2 years and I’m just as pleased with the results today from my one treatment as I was then.”
Melissa, 39

“I decided to have miraDry after I began to perspire more in my underarms. The treatment was not painful and after only one treatment, I noticed a huge difference. miraDry is wonderful and I would highly recommend it. Dr. Steckler and his staff were so nice and knowledgeable about the procedure. They even called to check on me the next day!”

“miraDry has been great for me! I no longer worry about embarrassing underarm sweat marks. The procedure was an easy outpatient process! I would recommend to anyone!”

       Dr. Steckler and his nurse Ryan saved my wedding!! 17 days before my wedding they           stayed way past normal business hours to work me in for the miradry treatment that               changed my life! I thought sweating as much as I did was normal because I had overly           sweat my whole life. I heard about the clinic through a friend and the miradry treatment           was the best decision I could ever make(besides my now husband). The whole staff               was over and beyond kind, helpful, genuine and professional! I was so impressed with           the miradry and the clinic my husband is now getting miradry as well! I will come here for         any needs in the future and recommend to anyone hands down!


44 Years Old, 4 Kids… need a lot of improvements! (Botox)

“I hated the frown lines between my eyebrows (the evil 11). After Dr. Steckler injected the Botox (he explained it took 2 to 3 days to notice a change). The results are AMAZING, the creases are gone, completely smooth! I HIGHLY recomend The Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery located Ridgeland MS!”

“My husband just said ‘when you told me you got Botox I didn’t think you needed it, but I’ve noticed that you’re face is looking pretty awesome lately. Uh, not that it didn’t before.’ Thank you Dr. Steckler for making me look awesome! Thank you to my husband for noticing!!”
Amanda T.

Tummy Tuck

Love my Tummy Tuck!

“Having a tummy tuck after having kids is the BEST thing I have ever done! I love it!!!! Dr. Steckler was the best. He did a great job. I could not be more pleased with my results. It was not super painful, and the recovery was not bad at all. I highly recommend this procedure. Dr. Steckler and his staff were so nice and friendly. They checked on me at home, and I felt well taken care of.”

Breast Augmentation and Reduction

44 Year Old (Breast Augmentation)

“I am 5’9″ and 120 lbs, I often found that when I wore normal blouses or dresses, there was extra material that bunched up and was just awkward looking due to the size of by breast. I wanted breast augmentation to give me a better proportioned look in my clothes. Achieved the look I wanted, and recovery was very quick.”

54 Year old Working Woman (Breast Reduction)

“My neck and shoulders felt so much better right after surgery. I had suffered with neck and back and shoulder pain all my life. The pain after surgery was moderate. My biggest discomfort was having to sleep propped up at a 35 degree angle. Dr. David Steckler was very professional and made me feel very comfortable, and the office nurse and staff were very kind. I would recommend Dr. Steckler to any lady thinking of having this surgery done.”

“I think Dr. Steckler is awesome. He did my breast reduction and I highly recommend him.”
Agnes H.

“Dr. Steckler is very personable and takes time to explain all your options and listens to your cares and concerns. My results from my breast lift and reduction are exceptional. Dr. Steckler has my highest recommendation.”
Leigh, 42

“Dr. Steckler did an excellent job on my breast enhancement. He knew how to keep me looking like myself but a little better without people knowing that I had work done. He has an eye for knowing what is right for each person.”
Angela, 40

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

23 Yr Old (F), Dorsal Hump and Drooping Tip, Amazing Results!

“I’ve wanted to have my nose fixed since I could remember. I’ve always noticed the that it appeared very “bird-like” and I never felt that my nose complemented my personality. I think it came across very stern like a “Disney Villian.” So, when I got the chance to have it fixed, I found Dr. Steckler at Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery, and I haven’t looked back since! He identified everything I wanted to have fixed and explained his solution to each. My major issues were a dorsal hump and drooping tip. He was able to get rid of the hump completely and lifted the tip perfectly! The overall transformation is stunning, but the profile is absolutely gorgeous now!!! Everything went so smoothly during the surgery that 2 days later I felt great – I never even had any bruising or black eyes! I am so happy with the results Dr. Steckler achieved! Every morning, I wake up and have to touch my nose to make sure it wasn’t all just a dream! I never thought it was possible to fix my nose, so I tried to remain realistic, but the outcome was amazing and completely exceeded everything I was hoping for. I absolutely love my nose now! I would definitely recommend Dr. Steckler to anyone!! And he is definitely who I’ll go back to for anything else!! He is truly a talented surgeon! And to top off the whole experience, his whole staff is so incredibly nice and always happy! They are so helpful and genuinely understanding. The office, in general, is so pleasant!


“My son cut his finger accidentally while using a knife and Dr. Steckler was able to squeeze us in immediately without little notice. I was a little worried bc I wasn’t sure how deep the cut was but Dr. Steckler remained so calm and patient and therefore it calmed me. His entire staff is friendly while also being so professional and his nurse Peggie was so sweet with my son. I wouldn’t go to any other Doctor! He even checked in later in the day to see how my son was doing. Best experience ever!”
Bobby M.

“Dr. Steckler is the BEST plastics man around. Took care of my son when he split his chin wide open at school.”
Julie C.

“My son was playing in the yard last summer and got a very deep gash on his head (the kind that makes momma panic). Dr. Steckler fit us in immediately, calmed us both down, and stitched him up fast! Dr. Steckler takes care of his patients!”