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A Safe and Lasting Solution for Underarm Sweat

Simply put, miraDry® destroys armpit sweat and odor.



This safe, lasting, outpatient procedure is the solution for anyone living with the burden of excessive underarm sweat. Mississippi Center for Plastic Surgery’s Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Steckler, is the first physician in Mississippi to offer miraDry®.


miraDry® is the first and only non-invasive treatment to permanently eliminate armpit sweat and odor glands. Primary axillary hyperhidrosis, the condition most commonly known as excessive underarm sweat, finally has a lasting solution. miraDry® clients are able to feel confident that they won’t sweat or smell due to armpit sweat.


The miraDry® procedure is different from Botox injections in that Botox injections only temporarily disable sweat glands. This only reduces sweat production in the armpits after injections. Many people who have undergone hyperhidrosis Botox injections often complain that the injections are painful and do not last longer than a few months.

miraDry® , on the other hand, utilizes heat energy to destroy unwanted sweat glands and provide long-lasting control of sweat glands in your armpits. Because sweat glands do not regenerate, results are lasting.

Dr. Steckler customizes the treatment for each underarm according to where the patient’s sweat glands reside. He performs this procedure in the MS Center for Plastic Surgery office, and it takes approximately one hour. We apply numbing to the underarms prior to the procedure for your comfort. The hand piece is then held up to the underarms, which delivers energy to the sweat glands. This energy heats and eliminates the glands.

The procedure is non-invasive with little to no downtime, so patients can go about their normal routines after treatment. The full treatment plan requires two procedures to maximize results.

Have you been diagnosed with Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis or suffer with excessive armpit sweat? We can help.

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