What You Need To Know About Loose Skin Cosmetic Surgery

Have you lost a lot of weight through working out or bariatric weight loss surgery? It’s wonderful to feel lighter, but when you lose a lot of weight you can end up with a lot of loose skin that simply won’t tighten up on its own.
It’s frustrating that your new body doesn’t reflect all the hard work you put in to losing weight. Many people wear restrictive bodyshapers, shapewear and undergarments by Spanx and other manufacturers to give themselves a smoother look. Others dress in bulky fabrics or layers to cover up the lumpy loose skin.

This excess skin can also cause rashes, chafing and infections. It can also impede movement or exercise. The good news is, there are cosmetic surgery procedures that can remove that loose skin.

There are several kinds of loose skin removal procedures or “body lifts.” A Tummy Tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and removes unwanted, loose skin. It can correct stretched muscles from childbirth and sagging skin. It can also attack a stubborn “muffin top.”

Upper and Lower Body lifts are used to eliminate excess, hanging skin that remains on arms, legs and abdomen after considerable weight loss. These may include abdominoplasty, circumferential incisions and liposuction. It can take several surgeries performed in stages.

If you’re dealing with loose skin, it’s time to find out if a body lift is right for you. When you set up a free consultation with Dr. David Steckler at the Mississippi Center For Plastic Surgery, you’ll feel comfortable the moment you step into the office. It’s a small boutique plastic surgery center, complete with a private entrance. You’ll appreciate the welcoming environment and the supportive and professional staff. Dr. Steckler is one of the few Board Certified plastic surgeons in Jackson, Mississippi, which means he’s completed rigorous training and is skilled enough to pass stringent tests. Make an appointment for your consultation today.

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