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Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Breasts are a main focus of the human body contour. Whether you have had a mastectomy or have breasts that are uncomfortably large, we are able to help reconstruct or reduce your breasts to the size and shape that works for you.

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain for many women. Breast Reduction surgery addresses these symptoms. During the surgery, breast tissue is strategically removed and the breasts and nipples are lifted. Results are smaller, firmer breasts that no longer pull on your neck and back and distort your posture. Many insurance plans cover this procedure if you meet certain qualifying criteria. Discuss this with our staff to determine if you are eligible.

Breast Reconstruction

When a woman has a mastectomy as a treatment for breast cancer, she now has the option of breast reconstruction. After her initial surgery, we wait until her wounds have sufficiently healed. Then, we gradually expand the remaining tissues to accommodate the size of the final breast implant. Finally, a second, less aggressive surgery is performed to place the implant. The nipple and areola can be reconstructed to camouflage the scarring and provide a realistic appearing breast.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition where men develop larger breasts, or “man boobs.” This can be due to weight gain, hormones, or genetic factors. Men with this condition may experience extra fat and skin in their breasts in one or both breasts. We are able to perform male breast reductions, or reduction mammaplasty, to help give our male patients an improved chest contour. We are also able to reduce the size of the areola when applicable.

Nipple Reconstruction

The nipple may be reconstructed from the surrounding skin at the site desired for nipple placement. Dr. Steckler makes small incisions, elevates the tissue into position, forms and shapes it into a living tissue projection that mimics the natural nipple.The new nipple can then be tattooed to add color and create the areola.

Nipple Tattooing

Our aesthetician, Ryan Hodges, is certified in paramedical 3-D areola and nipple tattooing. She is honored to take part in the last step of breast reconstruction and help make women feel whole again. During nipple tattooing, she uses three-dimensional permanent color shading that produces a natural-looking nipple.

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