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Services FaceTite and NeckTite

Tighten Your Face and Neck Without Scarring

Using FaceTite and NeckTite, Dr. Steckler is able to perform mini facelifts without surgery. These procedures cost only 1/3 of a traditional facelift, are done quickly under local anesthesia, and result in very little down time. You will be amazed at the results.

What are FaceTite and Necktite?

FaceTite and NeckTite are brand new, non-surgical procedures offered only in Mississippi by Dr. Steckler. They are the most advanced treatment in the world for loose facial and neck skin. The treatment is specifically designed to treat the face and neck without causing damage to any of the delicate areas nearby.

Dr. Steckler uses a special tool that uses radio frequency to heat and shrink tissues. The result is a smooth, uniform treatment. With NeckTite, the microcannula also removes fat (liposuction).

Instant Lift

FaceTite and NeckTite

Skin tightens instantly by 40%. While those results are instant, results will continue to improve for three to six weeks.

How is this Better than a Facelift?

By avoiding a traditional facelift procedure, clients will be scar-free and will benefit
from reduced swelling and discomfort. This is a less traumatic process with a natural-looking final result.

What areas can be treated?

FaceTite and NeckTite

Any areas on the face and neck with saggy skin can be treated. This includes double chin, jowl line, and other areas with deep lines and loose skin.

Are the procedures painful?

No – we apply local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. This is an outpatient procedure you can have in our office. Our clients experience less bruising and swelling than a traditional facelift.

What Kind of Post-Procedure Care is Required?

Post-procedure, patients can go home and resume regular activities shortly after. Wearing a compression garment is required for best results.

How long do results last?

You can expect the results to last five years.


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